At Tecnologia Aeroespacial Mexicana ( TAM ) we transform dreams into reality.

TAM is the world leader in hydrogen peroxide rocket engines for helicopters and related technologies.

Founder C.P.A. Juan Manuel Lozano has been working with hydrogen peroxide propulsion systems since 1975, inventor of the penta-metallic catalyst pack to be used with organic hydrogen peroxide and inventor of the most popular machine in the world to produce you own hydrogen peroxide to be used as a rocket fuel.
We have worked also in some non aerospace projects like an hydrogen peroxide oxygen generator for medical applications, an hydrogen peroxide oxygen generator for a welding machine, a hydrogen peroxide steam machine for the oil industry and a hydrogen peroxide plasma fog generator to sterilize surgery rooms in hospitals.

Some important achievements:

  • The first and only in the world to built totally from scratch a Rocket Belt producing every part including the machine to produce our own rocket fuel and flew it ( For this I appreared in many magazines like Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Business Week and many others and some TV programs like Discovery Channel, BBC, Prosieven, Dell and others )
    Isabel Lozano, the first and only woman in the world that have flown a Rocket Belt in the tether training. (See the Media menu for all the magazines and TV programs around the world about us)

  • The first and only (turn key) rocket belt package in the world available to the public including the flying rocket belt, the distillation and purification machine to make your own rocket grade hydrogen peroxide and the training of the operation of the machine and the flight training in your own rocket belt in our training site in our special tether training rig that allow you to fly in all three axis to have an almost free sensation of flight. (See the Rocket Belt menu)

  • New catalyst pack of a multiphase macro porous media of solid super reactive metallic catalyst alloy.
    This catalyst pack is designed to last up to ten times more than the traditional wire mesh silver or pleated screens. This is not a wire mesh, ceramic or chemical catalyst. This is an all solid version of the penta-metallic pleated catalyst pack.

  • A new process for making electrolytic hydrogen peroxide by direct oxygen reduction in water of low conductivity using a special cathode of proprietary invention, this process is the most environmental friendly since the only chemicals used in this process are water a conductive salt and oxygen.
    We are in the experimentation phase to determine the best electrolytic cell size and configuration.

  • Designer and builder of the world’s most powerful rotor tip helicopter engine producing more than 2200 lbs of lift with a chamber diameter of only 1.5". (See the Micro Helicopter menu)

  • Penta-metallic catalyst pack system employing a highly reactive catalyst alloy of our own invention. This novel catalyst is superior to silver and developed to be used with organic hydrogen peroxide.
    All the people that have seen a reaction demonstration side by side between this new catalyst and the older silver catalyst pack say WOW!, they can't believe it.

  • A proprietary and novel high vacuum process for a large 90% hydrogen peroxide concentration plant not using the distillation process.

  • The best and most popular hydrogen peroxide distillation and purification machine to produce your own 90-98% hydrogen peroxide to be used as rocket fuel in monopropellant or hybrid rocket engines.

  • Designer and builder of rocket engines for racing vehicles. (See the Space Age Racing menu)

Projects to finish soon:
  • Rocket Bike, a twin 1000 lbs thrust rockets powered dragster motorcycle that will be used also for exhibition runs by Pepsi.
    This rocket bike is 95% finished. (See the Space Age Racing menu)

  • Rocket Kart, a 1500 lbs thrust (3000 hp) rocket engine go kart that right now is 90% finished and will be used for exhibition runs by Pepsi. (See the Space Age Racing menu)

  • We are making a pair of rocket dragsters similar to the Vanishing Point and the Oxygen of Sammy Miller the two fastest rocket cars in the quarter mile racing. (See is Space Age Racing menu 5000 lbs. thrust dragsters)
  • Rocket Car, this will be a speed record car powered by a 16000 HP rocket engine capable of over 400 mph in the 1/4 mile racing. (See the Space Age Racing menu)

  • The smallest personal back pack helicopter in the world powered by a pair of micro hydrogen peroxide rockets at the tips of the rotor blades, this project is already in progress now and some components of the rocket belt will be used in this project.

  • Actually working with a group of scientists developing a hydrogen peroxide car that run with sea water converted into hydrogen peroxide by electrolytic cells by solar energy.

  • We have the three turbines we will use to make our own water rocket belts similar to the one in this video but with a lot more power and this will be used to train our pilots to fly free in our Rocket Belts, this not only looks fun, it will be a great aid in training over the water.

We can help with your high performance project, we welcome your questions and projects.